Control Access to Your Property

Take advantage of our access control security services that prevent unauthorized entry / exit.  Count on us to install top-notch systems for easy and secured access. Devices are designed to restirct entry of intruders and trespassers from entering your premises. Call 419-633-0224 now!

Access Control Services for You

Enhance home or business spaces through our various systems

  • Keypads

  • Card access

  • Proximity readers

  • Biometric readers

  • Office doors

  • Safe / storage rooms

  • Garage doors and more

Superb Customer Service

The staff at SK Byroads Locksmith LTD of Bryan, OH have extensive locksmithing experience of 7 years. They possess all the skills, experience, and tools to secure your home and office. Whether you have a safe repair, new lock or installation, we are here to serve you. We'll fix your faulty locks and security systems in no time. What's more? You'll get fast and friendly service when you need our immediate locksmith services. Call 419-633-0224 to learn more.

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